Ugh. I hate it when I spot a hole or contradiction in my own morality system. :/ it’s so hard to fix the problem these days.

Can I just go fuck it, and ignore the inherent contradiction between opposite responses to two very similar situations?


*wakes up at 9* nice

*immediately falls asleep, wakes up at noon* less nice

My version:
*wakes up at 8* just enough time to get ready for wor….
*wakes up at 9* shit I’m late for work.

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Hyper Japan and Conning: thoughts

[Warning, because of reasons, this post will also include some of my gender stuff that I normally keep off this blog]

So Sunday involved me going to a con for the first time. The plan was to arrive and meet up with friends before heading in and then at some point later go out for an evening meal. What happened between wasn’t really planned out.

I decided to take the opportunity to actually try wearing a full on dress out in public for the first time. Also a collar, but that’s not really an issue, being unisex and only slightly unusual in normal public, and not at all at a con.

Ok so the trains fucked up and stopped at Basingstoke, rather than London (thanks lightning for striking the signalling box twice). That’s by the by. I knew before leaving Southampton that it would be, the departure board had changed to say it would terminate at Basingstoke. But the filthy look one other traveller gave me when I simply asked what they knew (they had just spoken with a customer service dude) just made me super uncomfortable. And I spent the rest of the journey being incredibly self conscious in my collar, dress and heels. Wasn’t a fun journey really, especially with the stress added in of trying to replan my journey

Eventually I made it to London and Hyper Japan. Met up with friends, albeit later than I planned because of the trains being so screwed up. And we went in.

In terms of busyness it wasn’t packed, and there were quite a lot of ‘open spaces’ for just sitting on the floor or whatever. They could easily have had some more stalls, or more general seating (my poor feet). But around the actual stalls and booths (i.e. the actual stuff to do)… yeah it was quite busy. More than my usual comfort level. Combine that with my outfit for the day, and the stall browsing wasn’t exactly fun. Still, I spent quite a long time browsing round the shopping booths with friends, I spent quite a bit, but not as much as I thought I would. Tbh I feel like, despite having wandered round loads and seeing quite a few stalls twice… I still have the feeling that there were like stalls I didn’t see? Maybe I just expected it to be bigger?

The cosplay show was… ok? I think that mostly confirmed my view that I don’t mind cosplay, and I get it takes effort. But I’m not interested in it enough to actually care about a watching a dedicated event. I kept wandering away from that really because it was mostly very boring (and also because it was so popular the disabled toilets were /free/.

In terms of stalls, mhmm the selection was OK. I was disappointed really with the lack of well…. stuff. Or not stuff. But stuff I was interested in? There was naturally anime dvds and manga - but there’s nothing on my wishlist there, and I don’t pick up anime or manga unless I know it’ll interest me enough to watch/read on my own (which is a /very/ high bar). There were quite a few plushies, and I bought a Ponyo, but again nothing particularly caught my eye. There were some other things as well, but yeah I don’t really think that there was enough stuff I was interested in, bearing in mind that I’m very much not really in any fandoms in terms of Japanese stuff, and certainly not in the mainstream popular ones - even Ghibli is pretty meh. But then, I still have that feeling that I missed out on a large area or something, despite being fairly certain I didn’t.

I changed into jeans and a less obviously female outfit before leaving and heading to the meal. I felt a lot more comfortable after that. My original dress outfit I feel was just drawing too much attention to me for my liking. Or maybe that was paranoia after the train passenger person. I dunno. But it was a relief to change out of it at the end and into something that’s more….. discreetly me. It’s a shame, I do enjoy wearing that dress. But maybe not in public again :(

Oh yeah, my feet also were killing me. And unless I wanted to sit on the floor there wasn’t really a whole lot of places to /sit/ and chill (unless you managed to snag a chair at one of the stages, but then you might get blocked in by the crowd watching the performances).

I dunno I think overall it was just…… smaller than I expected. Or, maybe, it wasn’t right for me. I mean, I enjoyed meeting up with friends. But in terms of the actual stuff there to interest me… there wasn’t much. I feel I could easily have done the browsing of the stalls with interesting stuff to me in like two hours and then spent the rest of the day doing something else.

Perhaps that’s partly because Hyper Japan is /obviously/ very Japanese culture centric. And… I’m just not that passionate about any part of Japanese culture. I watch /some/ anime. I read /some/ manga. But… that’s about it. I’m certainly not passionate about anime as a whole, let alone Japanese fashion, which has no interest for me at all.

Maybe a con with more Western stuff would work better for me as a thing? MCM or something. But then the problem with those is that they’re more popular and are more expensive and are sardine crushers for crowds. Which oh god no.

Basically, I think I’ll pass on Hyper Japan next time. And unless I can find a con with more western interests as well (anime, manga and western tv, film, books) that /isn’t/ a body crushing mass, I’ll probably pass on all future cons too. It was an expensive day (factoring in train tickets, entry and purchases) for what was, to me, a mediocre shopping experience.


I came on here with a purpose, got distracted, and closed the tab.

Now I remember why I came on here originally.

Currently I’m learning a new language. At first I thought the lettering is hard, but hot damn this language take the Spanish and other foreign languages’ verb tone differences with English’s weird word change (like work into worker or simple to simply) and mashes them all together.

On TOP of that, the numeral system is based on 25s instead of 10s and the alphabet is like the Middle Eastern alphabet and the Far East alphabet had a baby, which then pooped out THIS alphabet.

Ladies and gentlemen…. I give you…. The D’ni Language


You know what’s great about the numeral system? It’s horrifically simplistic but looks HAUNTINGLY COMPLEX


Instead of the 10’s, 100’s, and 1000’s place, you have the 25’s, 625’s, 15625’s, 390625’s, and the 9765625’s place. For each placement a number takes, you times it by that placements number. For example, if I were to place a 5 in the 25’s placement and a zero in the 1’s placement, I would multiply 5 and 25 and zero with 1 to get the number and add those two numbers together ((5x25)+(0x1)=125)… I now have an excuse to use the damn Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally repertoire…

On top of that, the “simple” way of making a verb into a sentence is literally three parts in one word. Move in D’ni is kro.To say He will be moving, you say bodokroehn. (Bodo - will be, kro - move, he - ehn). The action of the verb is the prefix, the verb itself is the middle, and the whom is the suffix.

Changing words from one context to another is… interesting.

We can turn begin into beginning. We can turn work into working, we can turn simple into simply, and we can turn create into creator by adding a simple suffix to the word. Begin in D’ni is glo so to change that to beginning we change it to glotahv. To change work to workers we say teeg to teegtahn. This… this is so simple but SUPER COMPLEX and I can FULLY understand why a system of language such as English can be SO FREAKIN’ HARD for a foreign person to learn.

Kudos to you going through ESL. It’s hard work.

There aren’t many games where learning a whole new number system is required. But Riven is one. And it doesn’t lay it all out for you like it is here. No. It makes you learn it as they teach it to children. With little games and puzzles.

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Look at Fifty Shades Of Grey's knot.


Now look at my knot.


Now back at FSoG.  Now back at me.

This is the knot your knot could look like if you bothered to ask actual BDSM players, or hell, even their YouTube channels, before making a movie supposedly about BDSM.  I’m not a rope top and I did that one-handed.

I’m on a horse.


The thing where they justify abuse by saying “it’s BDSM, of course it’s sick and wrong” is still a bigger problem though.

This is the best fucking response to that stupid ass trailer all other responses go home SHE’S ON A FUCKING HORSE.

I can’t claim to be an expert on rope work, but well… even I can tell that the first isn’t very good.

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princesslunaofthenight asked: Butts?

butts. :3 *nod nod*


princesslunaofthenight asked: Would you ever butts?

Why would I not butts? butts are awesome. And fun. I need to spend more time with butts.


By dawrina from Reddit.

princesslunaofthenight asked: I want to hug you :3

D’awwww yayyyyyyyy.

Hugs from you are always welcome :3

(We should hug more often when we’re in good moods!)